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A static bunded fuel storage tank built to a standard of BS799 Part 5 and to comply with U.N. Requirements.

The Envirobulka is fully bunded (steel tank enclosed in steel outer bund) to comply with PPG2 (Pollution Prevention Guidelines) requirements for fuel storage.


Model Capacity Size (mm) Weight (kg)
Litres Gallons Length Width Height Unladen Laden
10EB 975 215 1200 1200 1488 494 1385
22EB 2160 475 2120 1200 1488 735 2692
30EB 3000 660 2400 1460 1488 930 3643
EB1000 4500 1000 3100 1250 1900 1030 5150


  • U.N. Approval for transport of fuel, according to ADR Requirements, can be achieved with this static tank by re-fitment of additional closures. Only aproved to be transported empty or full – NOT part full!
  • Tank certified to U.N. pressure test requirements.
  • Lifting eyes certified to U.N. standards.
  • Robust steel in steel construction ensures a secure, durable and legal tank.
  • 110% bund which fully encloses inner tank to comply with environmental requirements for fuel storage.
  • Pump, nozzle, hoses and generatorfeed and return connections are all housed within secure, lockable compartment. Generator feed and return hoses an be fed through letterbox enabling generator to be run whilst connections are kept secure in compartment. All helping to prevent theft and vandalism.
  • Manhole providing quick, easy access to inner tank for maintenance and inspection.
  • Fitted with lifting eyes and forklift pockets for ease of handling and relocation of tank.
  • All outlets are top mounted above fuel levelhelping preventweepageof fuel.
  • Anti-siphonvalve fitted to helppreventfuel theft.
  • Suction pipe to help remove any fluid in the bund.
  • Ideal for use on site.

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