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Ifor Williams Canopies are strong, tough, built to last and are exceptional value for money. That’s why thousands of pick-up owners buy our canopies every year.

Please contact us to discuss your specific model requirements, as well as information and pricing.

For Pick Up Vehicles...

Ifor William Canopy
Ifor William Canopy
Ifor William Canopy

Canopies are popular with the domestic user who is looking for additional flexibility from their Pick-up vehicle at an affordable price.

We offer an extensive range of pick-up canopies for popular models from leading manufacturers. We can advise you on your canopy selection.

Pick-up Canopies are available for a wide range of pick-up vehicles, including: Vauxhall, Landrover, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Skoda, Volkswagen, Toyota...

For Trailers...

Ifor William Canopy
Ifor William Canopy

Selections of our General Duty and Unbraked trailers are offered with optional canopies. They are available to order with your new trailer or can be purchased and fitted to an existing trailer. Canopies can double the versatility of your trailers, conceal your trailer load, increase load security when travelling and can provide a degree of weather protection.

They are designed and built to take the inevitable rough treatment they are subjected to in farming and construction environments. Tailgates are panelled either in galvanized steel weld mesh or 2mm thick aluminium with optional toughened glass window.

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